Design Your Home

The first step in any home construction project is to take a concept of your dream home through the design process.

You will need to choose a designer and contractor to enable you to provide us with the necessary design including layouts for windows, doors, plumbing and electrical.

This phase includes design, drafting and permits. With CIP panels you have limitless options with both colour and architectural finish.

Prep Building Site

Before you are able to start building the visible home the prep work must be done.

This includes bringing in an excavator, leveling the lot, and digging the area required for the footings, foundation and slab. This would be conducted by your chosen contractor.

Pour Concrete Insulated Panels

This can be done either on or off-site. We pour our panels on laser cut steel casting tables providing us with a level of accuracy rarely seen in concrete wall systems.

We initially pour the structural layer of concrete (between 5-7” depending on height of home) while this layer is still wet we insert the fibre glass pins and lay the off set layers of insulation. We then pour the veneer layer of concrete on top of the rigid insulation and leave to cure for 24-48 hours.

Transport CIP (if using precast panels)

This step is only necessary if you are casting the panels off-site. Using specially designed trailers we are able to transport 30,000lbs.

If you choose to cast the panels on-site we would need to transport the casting tables to the job site. If casting occurs off site your home can be at lock up with approximately 2 weeks from the time the first panel arrives on site.

Tilt Up Concrete Insulated Panels

This involves using a crane to lift the panels with specially placed hooks and placing them onto the footing.

The way they are positioned provides a continuous wrap of insulation around the entire home which eliminates pathways for uncontrolled temperature change.


At this point your home is at lock up and it is time for your chosen contractor to perform the finishing on your home. This includes all interior installations (showers, baths, interior doors and cabinetry. We will still be available for any questions yourself or your contractor may have through the finishing process.

Move In

It is time to get into your new home. We hope you enjoy the space and the comfort the Concrete Insulated Panel system is able to provide you.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and know you will enjoy the warm, durable and low maintenance home you have decided to live in.