Saltspring Island Passive Solar Home


YEAR: 2014

Builder: NZ Builders Ltd.

Description: A solar home on Salt Spring Island built by NZ Builders operates independently from the energy grid, using active and passive solar energy, collecting water from the roof and built using concrete insulated panels.

CIP Building System: Monolith Systems


  • Passive House Inspired
  • Passive Solar designed
  • Energy model completed, Off Grid home
  • CIP Concrete Insulated Panels
  • R32 wall Assembly
  • R40 Slab and insulated footings
  • R40 Roof assembly
  • 1 ACH (Air Change per Hour)
  • Zendher HRV System Low3 glazing
  • Fibreglass Windows
  • American Clay walls
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Metal Snap Lock Roof
  • Wood Burning Fireplace
  • 6Kw solar P.V w/ batteries
  • Rain water catchment
  • Heat demand 17kw/m2 per year.