4 bedroom 4 bath 3000 sq. ft plus 750 sq. ft of garage: Plans are available for purchase, please email for more info.

Some of the key features of this home design include:

  • Modern Design
  • Open floor plan
  • Concrete construction
  • Customizable options
  • Passive Solar design (depending on location) using a South facing design to maximize the sun exposure into home
  • External Wall Framing is made of concrete
  • External cladding is made of concrete and can be stained and sealed with architectural impressions
  • Roofing to meet owner’s preferences. Priced for TPO or Torch On.
  • Insulation under footings 10” EPS styrofoam (R40 effective)
  • Insulation Under Slab consists of 12” EPS styrofoam (R48 effective)
  • Insulation Wall includes 8” of styrofoam. (R32 effective) R7 sealed unit windows. Garage door R17
  • Roof insulation R80 effective.
  • Windows: Thermally Broken UPVC or Fibreglass, Upgraded Low-E soft coat on north facing windows, east and west elevations. Hard coat on south. triple glaze on north facing windows
  • Internal Framing consists of finger joint 24” centres with single top and bottom plates. internal walls 1/2″ drywall
  • Exterior walls are painted concrete
  • Heating systems include electric Radiant Floor.
  • Zehnder HRV System 90% efficient. (Heat Recovery Ventilation)
  • Passive solar soffit calculation for shading during the warm months
  • Electrical: 200 amp panel, standard electrical wiring, LED Lighting, alarm system
  • Cabinets customized to owner`s specifications
  • Flooring preferences within price guidelines
  • Electric induction stove, wall oven x 2, integrated fridge and freezer
  • Our “less is more” approach with our Green Building techniques use less material, locally-sourced material, recycled products where available, on-site recycling, excess materials are used to make furniture or dried and burned as fuel source
  • 0.6 ACH (Air Changes per hour)
  • Annual heating consumption 5,300KWh (19KWh/m2). This estimate will be dependent on building site solar array conditions. Can achieve Passive House criteria of 15KWh/m2 by changing window sizes. The average home in BC is 65KWh/m2 for heating and cooling loads per year.